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Chair Massage

Have you ever feel a stiff neck, tightened shoulder, aching wrist, and don't have enough time to treat yourself with a full body massage? This is the perfect choice for you. Sitting in the massage chair opens up the shoulder and back muscles, also relieves strain on the neck. Chair massage uses acupressure to relieve muscular tension and revitalize energy in a short amount of time.

$20 / 20 Minutes*          $30 / 30 Minutes*

Back Massage

No Matter if your job requires sitting or standing, back pain is always a problem. This treatment focuses on the back pain, especially for the lower back. It uses the Tui Na techniques to loosen the soft tissue on and around the back. At the same time, our herbal oil (upon request) makes this treatment more effective than ever.

$35 / 30 Minutes*          $45 / 40 Minutes*

Full Body Massage with Oil / Lotion

The complete package! It includes head, neck, shoulder, back, arms, hands, legs and foot (partial) massage. It relieves stress and tension, also increase blood and lymph circulation on your entire body.

$70 / 60 Minutes*          $105 / 90Minutes*          $140 / 120 Minutes*

Reflexology (Foot Massage)

It is based on the belief that there are reflex pressure points on the feet which corresponding to all the parts of the body including major organs. Stimulation and pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet and calves to increase circulations, detoxation, and relieve stress, while promoting bodily and muscular functions. It is time to pamper your feet, you have been working very hard on them all day long.

$45 / 40 Minutes*          $65 / 60 Minutes*

Deep Tissue Massage

A treatment with firm pressure, usually focus on bringing relief to tightness,knots and tension of muscles. Very deep pressure is utilized in order to reach muscle and problematic areas. Can be applied to back massage and full body massage.

$50 / 30 Minutes*          $70 / 45 Minutes*         $90 / 60 Minutes*

$140 / 90 Minutes*          $180 / 120 Minutes*

Hot Stone Massage

Heated riverbed stones are placed under palms, along the spine between toes and other energy points. They soothe and massage the tired muscle tissues, dissolve stress, melt through tension and bring a sense of calmness.(by appointment only)

$90 / 60Minutes*          $135 / 90Minutes*          $180 / 120Munites*

Face / Head Massage

This treatment can prevent new tension lines and wrinkles from appearing. A face massage does this by relaxing the muscles and by stimulating the blood vessels under the skin; it also helps relieve the discomfort from seasonal allergies and sinus congestion. The head massage also provides headache and tension relief. Its refreshing effects can be felt immediately. Can be done alone, or be an add-on service to any other massages.

$30 / 20 Minutes*          $40 / 30Minutes*          $70 / 60Minutes*

Couples Massage

Everyday Value Packages (by appointment only):

Plus Package: $70*

15 Min. Chair Massage + 20 Min. Face Massage + 25 Min. Foot Massage

Premium Package: $110*

30 Min. Back Massage + 30 Min. Face Massage + 40 Min. Reflexology

Having a party and don't want to leave the house for a massage? Let us come to you! Birthday Party, Family Reunion, and Celebrating a Special Occasion, etc. WOW your guests with our on-site professional massage services, and your party will be FUN and RELAXING! For details, please call 609-399-3990.


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